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Thread: Ray Lamontagne "You can bring me Flowers"

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    Ray Lamontagne "You can bring me Flowers"

    Any Ray Lamontagne fans out there? Love his guitar playing and really love his voice. This is "You can bring me Flowers"

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    love the sax sound in this. very cool guitar tone too and run. yeah, nice voice. groovy.

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    Yes, an amazing voice & great songs & guitar playing. Saw him live last month with John Sirrat of Wilco playing bass & doing harmony vocals.
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    Yeah, I like his songwriting a lot. He first caught my ear with the song Meg White, about wooing a fantasy version of the White Stripes' drummer (and now former Mrs. White). :) It's very sweet on the surface but performed with a wink & a grin. His album Ouroboros from 2016 is pretty amazing IMO…about as Pink Floyd-esque as it gets without blatant imitation.

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