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Thread: Guild D-55 possible issue

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    Quote Originally Posted by adorshki View Post
    Sure poly's tougher but don't think it's got any stronger bond to wood than NCL, in fact seem to recall it's actually a weaker bond (but could be wrong).
    It's the glue on the bridge pulling the finish off the top that's problematic in some cases.

    Guys this is an old thread that was revived by a new member because it was relevant to his question about a completely different instrument.
    DOH !!! 😑

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coffee View Post
    My old ... martin have no bridge gap. I'd hate to not return a guitar that was glued inadequately!
    Welcome to LTG! Look at this video. The Martin factory is reglueing the bridge on one of John Mayers custom built stage guitars. As you can see all around the edge (looks like almost 4-5mm all around!) there was absolotely no glue on that Martin guitar and during the repair process they remove that lacquer to get a perfect bond for the bridge again. Interesting to watch at least if one has not seen something like this yet. Reglueing starts at about 1:40.

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