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Thread: Wow now this is a guitar !

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    Wow now this is a guitar !

    If you have the cash :)
    No matter it's nice to look at .
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    I'll be honest - I dislike that "all inlay" fretboard. It makes it look like an Esteban.

    I know it's not even in the same universe, but the first time I saw an all "non-wood" white fretboard was one of those Estebans and I'll never be able to accept that look, $15k price tag or no.

    I might change my mind after playing it, though. :)
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    This would be a super nice guitar without the fretboard gaudiness and get rid of that hideous pickguard!! How distracting from what would otherwise be a really beautiful guitar.....
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    Liberace would have loved it

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    You guys are a tough crowd lmao . At first I thought the same about the fret board but then I just looked at the block inlays and thought they are pretty at which point I stopped thinking all together . Lol

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    If my memory serves me well - Hagström of Sweden used to have a solid body guitar, that was fully celluloid covered - including the fretboard. Saw one of those in sixties in my home town.

    Ahh - found some info - not totally covered, back of neck was painted and fretboard was plex

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    Quote Originally Posted by davismanLV View Post
    This would be a super nice guitar without the fretboard gaudiness and get rid of that hideous pickguard!! How distracting from what would otherwise be a really beautiful guitar.....
    I'm OK with the pickguard, but I agree about the fretboard, Tom. I'm generally a low bling kind of guy, and that's the way I like my Bourgeois too. Well, a little bearclaw is nice!


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    Made to be showed.


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    EKO and other Italian accordian makers who got into the 60's electric guitar craze did a lot of those MOTS finishes...Sandy, maybe you don't remember, but one of those high end shops we went into had a whole rack of them
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