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Thread: Phone scammers

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    Phone scammers

    May their armpits be infested with the fleas of a thousand camels!

    My phone has been ringing multiple (10-15) times a day from out of state callers - Texas, Florida, California, Indiana seem to be the most popular ones. I refuse to answer them. And of course, they NEVER leave a message.

    I called today and put my phone on the "do not call" registry. Gee, I was pretty sure I already did that a couple years ago, but apparently it wasn't on the list any more because they allowed me to register. Now, apparently after 31 days, they will not be allowed to call my number any more.

    Someone needs to figure out a way to answer these calls and automatically infect the sender's computer with several nasty viruses.
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    A friend of mine said he wouldn't pee on them if they caught on fire unless he could pee 93 octane
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    I gave up my land line home phone this year after, well, a lifetime of having one. The land line was useless to me and just an annoyance, really. I do everything with my cellphone these days, and I rarely get unsolicited calls. Between the internet and the cell phone that's just fine for me. There have been rare occasions when power and cable (internet) have gone out at my house where an analog phone was still usable, but in recent years it hasn't actually lasted long enough for me to really care.

    My 86 year old mother cannot handle a cell phone and she lives alone so she needs the land line. That said, she was scammed last year, and I couldn't agree more with your initial post. These people are the lowest of the low.
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    Yup, scammers just flat out suck.
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    This is why I never answer the phone unless it's someone I know.
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    I just have a cell phone and get all sorts of calls from "local" Virginia numbers and out of state as well. My IPhone has begun to figure out some of the "scam likely" calls and informs me too., Nevertheless, I would suggest writing to my Congress-person and telling them to write legislation to stop this craziness.
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    If you purchase anything online you're going to get unwanted phone calls. If you do anything online you're going to get unwanted phone calls. My TV talks to me and spies on me. HULU knows everything I do. Netflix knows everything I do. Google controls the world and as long as you have a cell phone or a PC you are considered just one part of a one world order. If you search on line you're doomed. If you apply for a loan anywhere, online or otherwise, you're going to phone calls from insurance companies, lawn care services, credit card companies; anything you can imagine.
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    Local numbers - scammers -ocall on my cell phone. If I don't recognize number, I just ignore it. And if message (very very very seldom) is left-I decide if it is callback worthy.
    My phone is for MY convenience.
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    My wife got a call from her own number. Which is a total scam....

    Don't ever answer the phone if you don't know who it is!

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    Wall phone goes automatically to voice mail. All we get are scammers on it, just haven't got rid of it yet.

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