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Thread: Have a question on fan fret .

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    Have a question on fan fret .

    Anyone experience with them ?
    I've been wanting one for awhile now .
    I have noticed which I'm hoping someone can explain why there's different types of Fran fret but I can't find an explanation for.

    The guitar I'm looking at is a Eastman and it seems the the bridge is in a pretty standard position. The frets are fanned from the nut but convert to a standard alignment at the upper end .

    On other guitars even a ibanez has the frets fanned at both ends along with a fanned bridge . I don't no what call the bridge but fanned works lol

    Ok so info me away ! 😁
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    Oh please move the thread if it's in the wrong place . Thanks :)

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    Yet more attempts at intonating the unintonatable guitar...just like microfrets and buzzy feiten...or a piano's tempered tuning...some of the notes some of the time...never all of the notes all of the time.

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    I found a discussion over on AGF. Post #5 seems to explain what youíre asking about. Iím headed down the rabbit hole.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marius View Post
    I found a discussion over on AGF. Post #5 seems to explain what youíre asking about. Iím headed down the rabbit hole.
    Thanks for the link . So there doesn't seem to a set way to do fan frets .

    I'm trying to picture finger positions up the neck with the fanned frets . I'm not sure if it's a more natural shaping for the fingers or not . Lol

    Anyone here have one ?

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    Not sure I'm a big fan of that design...

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    I looked at that conversation. I felt funny about them saying that the bass string sounds tighter compared to same guitar with normal frets. The bass E-string was about 1/2 inch longer than D or G string - and high E-string was about 1/2 inch shorter. That again made "a noticeable difference" in something. Where do they fetch the "normal" guitar for comparison ? Is there a guitar made in large quantities with normal and fan fretboard being only difference?

    Now someone who has studied the effect of small string length variation to sound may explain what is the difference, if we simply choose right gauge strings instead of rebuilding the fretboard.

    Like this
    10 - 13 - 17 - 26 - 36 - 46
    9 - 12 - 17 - 26 - 38 - 50

    I just pulled random numbers to demonstrate the idea.

    In their talk they refer to piano - but piano has 7 octaves of free strings and no frets.

    And then Joni Mitchell had all those 5 George Bensons set with different strings to fit different tunings.

    Of the ergonomics I have no opinion.

    Please correct me . . . I'll listen and learn.
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    Gee I don't know - the standard fretboard has worked well for me for several decades - with great intonation.
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    Dread, I guess what you don't know can't hurt you ;-)

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    I've always thought fanning the frets has more to do with playing feel than any intonation advantage. I know (slightly) someone who likes fanned frets and have had a go on one. Felt very weird, though I'm told it's great once you adapt.

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