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Thread: David Bromberg, live...and very well, in Homer NY

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    David Bromberg, live...and very well, in Homer NY

    What a terrific show.

    If there are any fans of his out there his Quintet has to play some of the tastiest blues/bluegrass/gospel etc.
    Just a fun night in a very intimate setting. Homer Center For The Arts, cute little church in a quaint Upstate NY village

    Frankly I had low expectations, (for no reason), and kind of made a conscious decision it would be my last time to go see him but he reminded me again why I've been a fan of his since 1975.

    Not for everyone but the show was lovely...really the only word that keeps coming to mind...and ended on a nice mellow note.
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    He puts on a great show, doesn't he? I've seen him both with his big band ('70?) and solo ('98?). Coincidentally, I just got a used car with a cassette deck, so I've been listening to my old Bromberg tapes. They stand the test.

    He's back to performing now that his kids have flown the coop. Glad to hear he's still up to snuff!

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    I, too, have been a fan of David Bromberg's music since the 1970's. He plays so many different styles of music and plays them all well. I was introduced to Bluegrass through the instrumental fiddle tunes on his early albums. And he is a great fingerpicking guitar player, too! I'm glad to hear he is touring again and performing a great show.

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    We're seeing David Bromberg Big Band and Los Lobos on the same bill in October at the Scottish Rite in Collingswood.

    I am hoping, praying, wishing, that they jam together.
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