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Thread: Give me your 2c on this Reverb dispute

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    and swallow the loss on the shipping?
    I would counsel that you accept that and move on since I find it healthier to just take what I can get in situations like these. Whatever shipping costs, there's no way it would cover the repairs you'd need to get that guitar back into proper shape, and the guitar will likely bug you forever.

    I got royally burned on a guitar once before I knew what I was doing. This is what I did:

    I lost probably $1500 on that guitar when all was said and done, but I taught myself how to repair and work on semi-hollows with it. In the end I sold it to a young kid for a song who was *thrilled* to get it. In my case I had no way out so I turned my pain into positive things. Sometimes the best you can get out of a bad deal is the cost of return shipping. I've been there, too.

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    Goopy spots are touchup, not in a very visible place. I'd rather have scratches and dings than touch up paint

    I'd think what's fair is figure out a % of how much the guitar doesn't match the description through omission or otherwise, and ask for that amount to be taken off the guitar.

    Weigh the cost of a return in case he won't budge?

    This should be fair to both parties.

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    I have asked for a fairly handsome rebate via PayPal disputes. If he doesn't like that it goes back.

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