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Thread: Newark St. T-Bird ST P90

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    I think the lesson here is that whatever may be in common use, the terms are probably too devoid of accuracy so I'll try to stop using them. Laziness is a hard mistress to give up, though.
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    Great review! Thanks for taking the time. I thought it sounded really good and the bridge pickup kinda had a Link Wray sound to it.
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    I was considering one of these, being it has P90ís, I love the color & wish it was available on the T-bird ST models.

    Aside from a couple videos out there, there is no online or merchant reviews, or even mention of the P90 model on other forums. Iíve been waiting patiently for Sweetwater to blow these out as sales are probably quite stagnant. Being I only paid $359 for my ST, Iím reluctant to pay full price for the P90 model. I do see some refurbs floating around under $600 though, but at this point Iíve moved on.

    Thanks for the detailed review. Iíve always wondered what the impressions are of those pickups. The height adjustment for them sounds quite bizarre & aggravating.

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    Fixed pickup heights were a common thing in the '50s & into the '60s. Rickenbackers still don't offer much adjustment.

    Re. scale lengths, I'm always glad my fingers are in the Goldilocks zone when it comes to this…neither too short for long scales nor too long (& thick) for short scales. My first ES-350T bugged me scale-wise, which is mainly why I ended up selling it, but all my other electrics at the time were 25.5". Nowadays my guitars are all over the place, and I hardly notice whether I've got a short- or long-scale instrument in my hands.

    BTW, the Byrdland/ES-350T scale length is usually quoted as 23.5" but is actually 23 5/8". Danelectros are mostly 24 7/8" rather than the quoted 25".

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