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Thread: LB-1 in T-Bird vs LB-1 in Starfire

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    LB-1 in T-Bird vs LB-1 in Starfire

    Hi All- I really enjoy my NS T-Bird, and play it pretty regular. I've been starting to look at Starfire options. I'd love an older one, but may not have the funds for such an endeavor. I've also be hesitant to look at the NS Starfires as they have the same pickups as the T-Bird.

    But perhaps this concern is unneeded given how different the bodies are? I've played Semi/Hollow bodies in stores, but haven't spent any real time with then to know what to expect.

    So, just how different will the same pickups sound in a semi/hollowbody compared to a solid body guitar?
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    I've noticed a consistent midrange dip in the amplified sound of semi-/fully-hollow guitars compared to solidbodies with the same type of pickups. The reduction in mids leads to greater overall clarity with mid-rich pickups (most HBs, that is).

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