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Thread: Tele Fever!

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    And my new one. That's right a new Tele after ten years of looking for another one... I'm building one since finding this, which is supposed to be here today, if UPS can make it through the mud. It's about to flood around here... Still too cold, but that's about to change.

    I'd been wanting a 60's style six saddle Rosewood board Tele for a long time. Most guitars are too blah or too expensive, and Rosewood board Teles are actually maybe one in ten to Maple fingerboard Teles. This thing popped up, ticked all the right boxes, cool, unusual, rare, and like all my other usual scores, just about the prettiest girl in town ;-) It's an old Warmoth body with super old Duncan Tele pickups, dream stuff, to me.

    I found an equally cool neck, a nut, a set of tuners, a decal (skip the decal?).

    It's going to be so weird having a second Tele finally...

    Also need one in black, kinda the Joe Strummer thing but a natural beater ;-)

    It's Alder, two piece but off center joined, in a way actually correct if you're mimic-ing CBS Fender stuff.

    Hoping it's not a boat anchor...
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    Spoke too soon on the Warmoth body, should never do that before it's in your hand... it's in limbo "arriving late" without an actual location since Jacksonville FL on the 18th, that's the day it was supposed to be here. That's because he sent it Parcel Select, translation; it's around a dollar cheaper and takes ten days instead of two or three... Even the local postmistress who's helping sort this mess out says she has no idea why people use it, she said it could be as little as a ten cent difference and they'll pick Parcel "Select"... Why, because it sounds so special?

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    The most expensive guitar I've ever bought online took 8 days to get from the seller to me due to a shipping choice mistake. It was a hollowbody too. Fortunately it was superbly packed…but I was gritting my teeth a bit towards the end.

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    Just make sure you change the switch tip...Strat switch tip?...'jeez...Dakaware or...dumpster?
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