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Thread: From the hollers of WV NGD

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    From the hollers of WV NGD

    Just arrived and already at the master luthier for a cleaning and checkup. More to come when I get it back! 1971 D-18
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    Nice looking Martin Cheab. Enjoy that Mahogany sound.
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    Nice , love that plain look .:)

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    My '72 D28 didn't look that cool or I might have kept it. It turns out, since selling that one and buying a '73 D35 I'm a big fan of Mahogany Dreads, they got "bark".

    Trading back and forth between the D35 and a '54 D18 at a jam, I'm happy with either guitar. If I switch to a Rosewood dread, I lose presence right where I don't want to, for my style of playing.

    This was it here, I was always kind of nervous playing out, like you do when you have a really nice guitar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheab View Post
    1971 D-18
    There's an icon there! Major congrats!
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    Which holler you talking about? There are a few. Don is from outside Iaeger, WV. You know where that is?? Or Bluefield?? Further away......
    Tom in Vegas

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    Quote Originally Posted by davismanLV View Post
    Which holler you talking about? There are a few. Don is from outside Iaeger, WV. You know where that is?? Or Bluefield?? Further away......
    In the Madison holler.......that place is a dreadful hell hole. So depressing..............

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    Seems I posted it in the wrong forum .......again. I'll get my **** together I promise.

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    Cheab, no sweat. I took care of that. :)

    Really like your new (old) axe!
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    Sweet. My good friend has a 71 d18. Been in his closet for 35 years. The binding is off in some places, the pick guard fell off. The bridge is lifted and it needs a neck reset not to mention the top is split. Itís worthless. Yours is a nice one, Iím sure youíll enjoy it

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