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Thread: From the hollers of WV NGD

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    yeah, an old D-18, hard to beat. very simple and elegant all at the same time. congrats!

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    Quote Originally Posted by chazmo View Post
    Cheab, no sweat. I took care of that. :)

    Really like your new (old) axe!

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    Wow, I had a '71 D18 and I kick myself repeatedly over selling it when I did, but I'm healing well...sort of.

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    Update................the guitar needs a neck reset. I've never had one done before so I need to research costs and someone in my area that I trust to do it proper. If I don't like the tone, I may sell it as is but if I like the tone it'll be a keeper. Decisions decisions............

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    Hey Cheab, I don't know what area you are located in but as a Norm Neck resets can cost anywhere between $500-$1000 on average depending on what other work it needs. It may need a whole new refret or just a fret level and refinish. Pretty much can count on a New Nut and saddle as well to make the reset right. I would ask around about reputable shops to do the work as you really do get what you pay for. It only takes a second for someone who is inexperienced to crack a neck heel during the removal or jack up the finish on the top. A proper Neck reset should include whatever fret work is needed as well as the saddle and string nut and proper finish work to the Nitro finish on your D18. If it is done right it should appear that the neck was never removed from the guitar afterwords including the nitro finish work and there should be plenty of saddle height for another 30-40 years of playing adjustments.

    If you are thinking of selling it then here is something to consider. Sell it while it still needs the work in the condition it is in now so the new owner can take it to their preferred Luthier of choice to do the work. This eliminates you having to shell out a lot of money in hopes of getting it back on your sale and also assures that the guitar will not be damaged by an inexperienced Luthier before you sell it which is always a risk. Most True Blue guitar players would rather their Luthier do the work anyway to avoid having to fix any inferior work that may have been performed previously. I know as a collector and player of fine guitars I like other members here on the forum would rather have the work done by my guy instead of relying on someone's work I'm not familiar with. Just a suggestion and I wish you the best with whatever you decide.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheab View Post
    In the Madison holler.......that place is a dreadful hell hole. So depressing..............
    Cheab!!! I asked Don and he said, "Yeah, well you know where I grew up?" Uh huh, "This is way the hell beyond that..... it's worse." So I have to believe you..... he agreed with you!!! LMFAO!!!
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