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Thread: Lookie what FedupsX brought me .

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    Lookie what FedupsX brought me .

    Ooooo two toy day for me .
    One new F30r that looks great , not played her yet letting her get use to the environment . Box and guitar case was ambient temp so I opened her up ,it was packed very good so no complaints ....... Yet ! lol

    My second toy which I'm sneaking in this thread is my new Amp . It looks real good fit and finish quite nice . Class B tube amp 2 6L6's tubes and 3 12xa7's I believe .
    some have said Fender sound on the clean and Masa boogie on the rock out your neighbors channel . Brandon at Sweet thinks it's more Fender and Marshall I guess either way I cant complain . LOL

    Hear her in action ,

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    TRC is upside-down!

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Guilds of Grot View Post
    TRC is upside-down!
    Yeah , I'm gunna leave it long enough to get one ya'll over here to change . Lol

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    congrats Ray, looks like a sweet F30R.

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    I'm liking that F-30RCE, Ray! Waiting for your review!

    Was that packed with string boxes along the neck? Empty ones, I assume?

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    Quote Originally Posted by walrus View Post
    I'm liking that F-30RCE, Ray! Waiting for your review!

    Was that packed with string boxes along the neck? Empty ones, I assume?

    Nah that's gift #3 Brandon had them in the amp box along with the bag of candy which made it all worth while lol

    I tuned her up and the strings are beat so I'm glad I ordered replacements haha

    But with the shipped strings she sound kind if soft or quiet definitely softer then the CO-2 and my 283a which are Adirondack tops but one is hog the other rosewood .

    Otherwise she sounds good heck of a lot better then the one I tried at GC .

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    Nice acquisition, Ray. Can't wait to hear what you think about it. Looks like you have a couple of canine friends chillin' in the background.
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    damn pretty she is! Enjoy Ray!
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    Looks like you hit the "exacta" today, Ray. The rosewood on the F-30R is beautiful! I look forward to your review.

    By the way, progress on your entertainment center seems to have stalled out a bit. Your wide-screen TV is still on the work bench.

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    Beautiful score!
    Enjoy...after you take care of that TRC.

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