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Thread: JS-II weights

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    JS-II weights

    So, long ago I mentioned how my cherry red JS-II was annoyingly head-heavy on the strap. A couple of posters commented that they had never noticed that.

    Now with two in house, it's interesting. My new black Alembized beast is noticeably heavier when you pick it up. (I THINK it is a 72 vs a later 74 or something on the red one.)

    This morning I did a quick bathroom scale measurement and found the black one is about a pound heaver.

    The bodies must have been made with different woods? Weren't there two versions?

    Meanwhile, I have a bass jealousy problem on my hands. The QSC or whatever it is pre-amp set in the red JS-II is acting up now that his/her Alembicized cousin is in the same room. One pickup cuts in or out depending upon the orientation of the bass. (It's happy upside down)

    I'm pretty sure it's the fault of the rush to "no solder" rigs. I had a similar prob with it once before.

    I'm almost tempted to yank it out and replace it. But not quite yet.

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    the vast majority are mahogany. some maples have surfaced

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    I remember my old mahogany one being very light. Was a 1971 if I remember correctly

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    I have a cherry red 1973 JS-II that is lightweight. I havenít weighed it, but Iíd say itís close to the same weight as my Pilot, which is 7.5 lbs.

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    I've had two mahog JSIIs - the first one was pretty heavy, but the current one is no more than 8 lb

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    Well, that's interesting. Different mahogany varieties?

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    1971 JS II

    WAL which I assume refers to the finish and not the wood.

    8 lbs.

    It felt heavier than I expected.
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    What he said.
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    Frono: You are correct----again.

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