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Thread: Vintage Guitars with Non-Original Cases

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    Vintage Guitars with Non-Original Cases

    What's your opinion on vintage guitars with non-original cases? The collector in me likes to see all-original, but as an example, I have a '66 Starfire III that's in great condition but it's in one of the terrible (IMO) almost chipboard cases that were the cheap option of the day if you didn't want to pay for a real hardshell case.

    To properly protect the guitar, I'm tempted to buy a Newark Street TKL case that fits it perfectly, but then I'll have an extra useless case. Also, I hate the idea of separating the case from the guitar when they've been together for over 50 years.

    What say you?
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    If the case is not protecting the guitar as it should, I have no trouble replacing the case. Or, if the vintage case smells musty, etc., and it cannot be removed, I would absolutely replace it rather than put the guitar in there.

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    I always prefer the original case if possible. Even if it's in rough shape I'd prefer it. If it's beyond hope then I have no problem picking a replacement case up be it new or used.

    I don't consider myself a collector but I think original case is really important to those that think they are. I also think it helps if you ever resell a guitar and on a rare guitar I'd say actually adds value or at least helps it to sell at whatever the generally accepted price is.
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    Depends - if it is going to stay at home, then no case is needed, if you have stands or hangers or . . .

    If you go gigging with it - then get best possible case for it.

    The S-60D I recently acquired has a generic case that is too small and too shallow - fortunately good for that one green guitar I designed 30-40 years ago . . . not that it needs any case either. When I go out to play like I did tonight, it is acoustic or Songbird - they all have good cases.

    If you think that someday you might sell it, then perhaps getting a new good case and keeping the old one might be a good solution - supposing you have the space. And if you ever sell it, then ask the buyer, if he/she wants the new case, too. The old original case should be automatically included.
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    My old D-25M is on its third hard shell case.
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    I prefer to have the OHSC, but it's not a deal breaker for buying guitar. However, at some point, my OCD kicks in and I feel the need to track down a OHSC or equivalent. Case in point (pun intended) - my X-160 came in a '90s Guild dread-size case and I need to find a proper fitting case (I have a WTB post about it). In the old days, I would occasionally buy a guitar just to get its case for one in my collection, but I don't consider that option anymore.

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    I always upgrade original knackered and/or chipboard cases with sturdy modern versions. I generally keep the originals too…in storage. I've repaired a few unique cases, like the case-with-amp one of my Dano-made Silvertones came in…had to rivet on a replacement handle. Which reminds me: my '71 S-100's rectangular case needs a handle repair job too, and the machine shop I once had access to is gone.

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    The job of a case is to protect the guitar at rest and in transit. If the original case does not do that then buy something that does so and fits well. If you can afford the time and space to keep the original case then do so or sell the case only to someone else. But if the original is not doing its protection job then there should be no separation anxiety.
    Quote Originally Posted by mgod View Post
    What he said.
    Quote Originally Posted by Stuball48 View Post
    Frono: You are correct----again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fronobulax View Post
    if the original is not doing its protection job then there should be no separation anxiety.
    In some cases, the same applies to relationships
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grassdog View Post
    In some cases,
    I see what you did there! *rimshot*
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