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Thread: D-55 Dilemma

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    The D 50 remains probably my favorite Guild Dread. I just picked up a 1980 Westerly built D 50 and it's pretty special. I'll give it up for the bling/features on the D 55 though. Also, a great Guild.
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    Don’t let it go. Negotiate a fair price w GC based on a repair estimate & keep this guitar while continuing your search.

    If one someday comes along that’s superior overall, then sell the one you have. But that day may be a long time in coming, or it may never come. Guilds are not crancked out in cookie cutter fashion!
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    $1900 is high to me... I watched a Tacoma D55 in excellent shape go locally last year for $1200. I bought my New Hartford for not much more than that used from Sam Ash a few months ago. 70's and 80's D50's you should be able to find around the $1k mark if you are patient. I'd return, or see if they will haggle. That's a lot of scratch for a guitar you have doubts about.
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    Are you able to post any pictures of the D-55? That may help some with offering advice.

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    Thanks all.

    Yeah, that is my thinking - $1900 is high, but it served its purpose - validated that I do love these D-55ís. Several months ago there was a really nice looking - like mint looking - Reverb D55 from New Hartford for 1900 I offered $1600, as that is where I was at the time. I wish that guitar was still available now, but that guitar does confirm that if I am patient enough, I should find it.

    Iíve thought about compromising - and negotiating with GC for a partial refund - but I am thinking (at least at this moment) that I will return it. I donít want to scratch the D55 off my list of desired guitars if it doesnít look the part, afterall one of the things about D55ís is that they are so darn pretty.

    ... Iím thinking for example - even if I got them to knock it down to $1000, it is a great deal, but maybe not THE D55 that I want and then that $1000 wonít be available when a cool D40 or F50 or something that I may also want pops up.

    .... on the other hand if I could negotiate a deal (which is of course doubtful), I could keep this sweet sounding guitar for awhile and resell it for what I paid and still move forward with the one I find. Ah, but whoís to say it will sell fast. And, I honestly doubt GC will knock much off - they seem less and less open to negotiation everytime I try. Return is probably the best route.

    I would still be interested in hearing thoughts about New Hartford d55ís - any merit to my concern that they could feel super light and toy like as my Taylor does - I do really like the heft of this westerly D55.

    And thanks again guys. I love that there is a resource like this available with all you guys who Ďhave been there and done it.í

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    Pictures? Yes, I am sure I can figure that out. Iím out to dinner with my kids now, but when I get back I will see if I can post some pics.

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    As you are aware, owning nice guitars does cost something. Don't let me or anyone cause you to make a bad decision for your purposes. I own a Tacoma made D55 that I will not let go. I like the heft. Not so certain I would like a newer model, but even those are rare and I have never been able to sound demo one, because they sell off easily. Have sound demo'd many other new or used various other models of Guild's though..

    They are not making any more Westerly D55's, and I wouldn't mind getting one. There are the particulars of older guitar construction vs. new, and many details that may keep one's interest.

    I would love to see images of this Westerly.
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    Hey guys sorry I didnít get the pictures posted and now I am on a business trip for a few days. I do have some pics on my phone though that the GC guy sent me when I purchased it. Will see if Incan figure it out now.

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    You need to upload them to a picture hosting web site, that you have created an account on. Then you can link to them from here. Or, create your own web site and host them yourself.
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