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Thread: So Many Pickups!

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    So Many Pickups!

    I just bought a custom set of Brian May TriSonics from Seymour Duncan because I couldn't find one anywhere and they can make exact copies.

    During the process of ordering, their page shows this pic which I thought was very cool, especially given the big 'ol HB1 in the upper right corner. I've emailed them to see if they can wind copies of those.

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    Wow! A head scratcher for sure.
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    I saw that pic and thought WOW GAD has devolved in to a HOARDER!

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    Just bought a Guild dearmond from 1992. The p/ups sayDeArmond made in USA.
    they’re gold and silver . Do you have any experience with them. They sound way difference than Lollars.
    are they decent as far as their reliability.
    by the way nice blog and I sent u an email.
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