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Thread: GAD40 Dilemma

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    Quote Originally Posted by adorshki View Post
    I know but when they turn out to have some unrealized potential factual basis they're even funnier.
    With your help, my friend


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    Quote Originally Posted by bobouz View Post
    The multiple short vertical lines in this top are very similar to the top of my 2014 Gibson J-15, which also has a fair amount of cross-silking. It was one of the first J-15s produced, and has a custom-shop label, which I've never seen on another natural-finish J-15. I've wondered if the custom shop aspect of the guitar was this lovely top, which also carries a more light-brownish hue.

    Regardless of where the top came from on the J-15, it is incredibly responsive from top to bottom - notes literally leap off of it. If your GAD F-40 has any similar characteristics, it's gotta be a winner!
    I can tell you Bobouz this top is super responsive and just light fingerpicking it rings like a bell.. strums beautifully too.. just a great little guitar at a great price. Been enjoying the heck out of her..

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    Quote Originally Posted by stormin1155 View Post
    That's a great deal... buy it! I'm a luthier/tech, and repairing or replacing a bridge isn't a big deal... probably under $100.
    Stormin as Al pointed out I certainly did.. Dan McCarthy ( highly reputable Dallas luthier ) will make / install a new bridge for $150. The crack seems to be stable so no hurry on this end. But even if I did that would have me at $375 invested in the guitar. Still well under value. Especially given itís super clean condition aside from the crack. Just a great find.

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    So much gushing over this're not going to change your user name are you??
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    Quote Originally Posted by beecee View Post
    So much gushing over this're not going to change your user name are you??
    I know it was a joke but it's a little more complicated than one might guess.
    I picked mine just to be able to register, assuming I could just change it later when I came up with a "better" one....but it ain't that easy...and IIRC you'll lose all the posts under your old username besides.
    You can imagine how that makes me feel....
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