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Thread: NAMM 2019: Fender American Acoustasonic Telecaster

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    Looking at that Riversong guitar bridge shape the guitar is not happy with the design of the guitar...and me neither....

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    Quote Originally Posted by PittPastor View Post

    It's the (unfortunately named) Riversong Guitar company, out of Canada. (Every time I see it I think it is Rainsong -- totally different guitar!)

    And every time I hear "Riversong" - I think of

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    Quote Originally Posted by PittPastor View Post
    Did you get a chance to play any of them? The guy seems to be more of an inventor than a luthier. He has some interesting ideas. But I have no idea if any of them are worth it in the long run. He prices his guitars so they are higher end than the other Canadian company (Godin) -- but I'm not sure why. I guess you pay for the innovation... but at the end of the day, how does it sound? How does it play? It's hard to know. So I'm curious.
    So, Mr. Curious, the main show floor at a trade show with thousands of exhibitors is no place to try out an'll need to find someone who owns one, or someone who has one in stock to check it out.

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    I've watched a lot of videos on these. They seem ok but I would prefer Taylor T5. Basically the same thing. I just don't like the way these look. JMO!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nuuska View Post
    And every time I hear "Riversong" - I think of

    Yup. Melody Pond FTW!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ezstrummer View Post
    I've watched a lot of videos on these. They seem ok but I would prefer Taylor T5. Basically the same thing. I just don't like the way these look. JMO!
    I've never played either. I plan to try out the Fender when my GC gets it. NStuff has it, I may drive up there to see how it plays.

    But in this comparison video, I have to say, I like the Fender's sound better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jcwu View Post
    HEEEEEYYYYY!!! As a recent new fan of Craig Ferguson, I get that reference!!
    I miss Craig Furguson. His was the only late night show I could watch.
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    First guitar I ever bought new from a shop (circa 1989 or so) was a Kramer Ferrington. It was a guitar I can only describe as the worst of both worlds. :)

    Given makers have had 30 years to work on it, I imagine they’ve worked out a few kinks.
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