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Thread: Twilight Zone????????????????

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    Twilight Zone????????????????

    So, a while back I sold another Guild that I absolutely loved and to this day can't explain why I sold it. It was a 2001 D 30 in the Tennessee Orange color with factory installed electronics. I regretted selling that guitar from day one. I've never seen another one listed in that color ever. Cruising Reverb a few minutes ago I saw it listed there along with my word for word description and my pics all from when I originally sold it. I messaged the guy and he said yup, he bought it from me and regretted selling it now but cash was really tight for him. So, I made him an offer he accepted. I guess God really is watching out for me and is helping me to correct stupid things that I continue to do. He's gonna have to put in some overtime though 'cause I've come up with a few lulus lately.
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    A great happening.


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    That's great! Yes that was a nice looking one you had. There were not many at least in that color.

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    I remember you selling that. I looked at it on reverb for a while, considering if I should buy it. congrats on getting this one back Richard!

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    That is awesome. Who doesn’t love a sad tale with a happy ending.
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    Maybe you should play the lottery today! Great story!

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    Congratulations! You ought to move to Tennessee. Every time the word Tennessee shows up, you get that "feel good" all over you.
    Johnny G. In Tennessee has been blessed because you showed unexpected kindness to him.
    So glad you got the D30 back.
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    Boomerang relationships, boomerang kids, boomerang employees, and this is not the first boomerang guitar I've heard about around here. Stuball is right - your good karma is at work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by richardp69 View Post
    ...So, I made him an offer he accepted.
    I love a happy ending!

    Quote Originally Posted by richardp69 View Post
    I guess God really is watching out for me and is helping me to correct stupid things that I continue to do....
    No, no, you had it right the first time. You entered The Twilight Zone, where such things can come right out of the blue!

    BTW, where are those pics?
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    Imagine if you will - you sell me your DV-73...
    TODAY is the TOMORROW you spent all day YESTERDAY acting like there was no.

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