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Thread: A couple T-Bird ST questions.

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    Well prior to reading the last 2 post I went ahead & swapped the pickups. I left everything wired how it was as a test. As a side note the pickups are soldered, thereís no quick connects.

    Anyways, with some height tweaking I can say the swap was successful. Before, the middle position was closer to what the neck should of sounded like. Now, the neck position is actually usable & quite powerful. Not loud but POWERFUL! The low E is very slight boom, but the mud is gone across the E, A, & D strings. I still have to do more tweaking after I replace the strings & do a full set up.

    The middle position sounds great & has some nice spank to it. Definately useful.

    The bridge took some significant adjusting & it has quite a taper with the high E side having the drop. In all fairness the bridge pickups on all my other electrics are slopped like this. This could be due to the amp or speaker, itís just that the slope is far more steep on the T-Bird. The bridge sounds quite good, although a bit bright. Again, with the new 12ís going on, a set up, & some further pickup adjusting I donít think this will be an issue.
    Going by memory I canít really comment if the swap made the bridge sound any better.

    Overall, I can now finally hear the potential of this guitar! It does have some nice vintage tones to it, & Iím looking forward to how flatwounds will contribute to this sound. I do find myself dialing back the overdrive pedals as these pickups are quite sensitive to them. More-so than the humbuckers I have in the bridges of a couple other guitars. This isnít a deal breaker to me though.

    Thank you all for your contributions. This seems like a great forum group. Quite the contrast from what Iíve experienced from other forums in the past.

    Oh, and to Quantum Strummer: I agree, flatwounds on a Jazzmaster are quite heavenly!

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    Quote Originally Posted by matsickma View Post
    Love the "eye bolts" for the guitar strap on EVH FrankinStrat!
    Just like the real thing! I had to get a special strap made for it and I kind of dig the utility of it all.

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    The T-bird's LB-1s are less compressed than most humbuckers, so the interaction between them and various gain pedals is more dynamic. This is one reason why I prefer lower-output pickups.

    My Jazzmaster's pickups are very downward slanted from low to high E. The low end gets too boomy if I make 'em straighter. (Edit: the last sentence is just plain wrong. It's the high end that gets too loud & sizzly with the pickups oriented straighter. Geez…too many guitars.) Looks kinda weird but sounds great. :)

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