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Thread: Ngd f-112!

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    Quote Originally Posted by beecee View Post


    They did a nice job cleaning up the crack!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rayk View Post
    In my defense I was drinking last night . I've slacked off but treated myself to a few bottles of stupidity.
    Oh I was just taking advantage of a great opportunity for some over-the-top repair satire.
    Inspired by other examples we see cheerfully offered for sale from time to time.

    And in fact I'm quite surprised by 12 string's note that his is actually epoxy-repaired: if I ever knew it, I'd forgotten.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rayk View Post
    That thing has two truss rods ? Wow I would think it's a bit of a over kill for that size guitar .
    Until Late Tacoma (sometime in '07) ALL Guild 12-strings had the dual truss-rod design.
    It was unique in the industry and an often-unmentioned element of their widely acknowlededged supremacy in the 12-string world.
    Nothing to do with the size of guitar but all about the stress put on the neck, as mentioned in post #13 of this thread (no snark intended, I do remember you can't see the post stream easily in your mobile browser):
    Quote Originally Posted by adorshki View Post
    The cracks are caused by extreme unequal tension between 'em or and/or over-torqueing.
    The reason for the 2 rods was to compensate for the extreme difference in tension between the treble and bass sides of the neck.
    Ideally the bass side would have had a little more torque (backbow).
    Even the new truss design featured a center adjustment rod flanked by 2 graphite "stabilizing" rods.
    Goal was to lighten up the necks, as they WERE very heavy.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rayk View Post
    But I would love the project and challenge of repair. :)
    Don't you dare do it without showing us in a thread....
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    This thread mentions a similar problem with my G-312. In an earlier thread I have written about a cavity crack on my F-112. The epoxy fix has held in both instruments.
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