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Thread: How to remove the Strap Button

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    How to remove the Strap Button

    Hey guys,

    I am going to put straplocks on my Starfire. The button at the horn is screwed in, so thats easy to remove. The other one is a bone button. I assume this is glued in? Any suggestions on how to remove it?

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    Usually they are metal and a tapered fit without adhesive. If you can come up with a "soft" forked lever you should be able to pry it out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Guilds of Grot View Post
    Usually they are metal and a tapered fit without adhesive. If you can come up with a "soft" forked lever you should be able to pry it out.
    Thanks! I will give it a shot.

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    If it's like the ones I have dealt with, you will need to fill the hole before you can install the strap lock. I use a mix of wood shavings and glue but a carved dowel would be more elegant.

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    I'm intrigued by the bone button - I have a '71 Guild bass and it's got the metal push-in peg. I have to remember not to put my cable through the strap, because with this bass it'll work the peg loose within a rehearsal! Not sure if they were glued-in originally. Mine actually came without the bottom strap pin - I was fortunate to receive an original one from someone who had modded his bass to have a regular strap pin (I believe with the dowel method).

    One comment too about Schaller strap locks - I have them on a couple of basses and find that the sound of the strap lock part rubbing against the strap pin is audible and annoying - this ever-present squeak - so I don't use them anymore. Not sure which strap locks you plan on installing. Also, I think that Schaller may have redesigned theirs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hieronymous View Post
    One comment too about Schaller strap locks
    Would lubrication help? I have Dunlops and haven't had nary a squeak or a creak. I wouldn't suggest liquid oil - too much of a drip and mess risk, but I use silicone grease for lubrication (actually used it for my Polyurethane strings on my DeArmond Ashbory) - I got it at a dive shop originally for scuba gear o-rings etc.

    Hope that helps!
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    Or keep your current strap buttons and use LM sure lock locking strap. That is what I use on my Starfire.

    I find them to unobtrusive, noiseless (unlike straplocks) and easier on/off than metal straplocks. Lasts for years and years. Only thing is you will have to reverse one end for the button on the neck heel.
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