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Thread: OGD - F-30 in need of TLC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Br1ck View Post
    I had bought the D 35 as a basket case knowing I'd spend more than it was worth. I've never regretted it. And I had 0 emotional attachment.
    It took me a while to "get" "0 emotional attachment", then I realized it's because you hadn't owned the guitar for a long time, you bought it intending to put it right knowing it wasn't about the $$.'s the "attachment" now?

    Quote Originally Posted by mjurban View Post
    ... and a big shout to Tom and Dave at Jacobs Custom Guitars in Merritt Island, FL., who did this work. Nice folks, excellent work, timely completion, reasonable price.
    Can you imagine the pressure those poor guys must be under, trying to live up to all the rave reviews around here?
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    Enjoy your resurrection of a fine little guitar. I'm a Gibson/Martin snob and the addition of a '63 F30 to my little collection is like a missing puzzle piece plugged in to complete the tone grouping I chase.
    I try to think but nuthin' happens.

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    Very nice to hear the guitar is back in your hands, all spiffed up and making great music. And, of course thumbs up to Tom and Dave.

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    Congrats Mike. Sounds like you made the right call all around on getting your baby back into playing shape. Didnít take too long either. Sometimes the waiting is the hardest part. Enjoy!!!!
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