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Thread: Westerly Starfire IV Build

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    GAD, I talked about the X-2000 a little while ago in a thread titled X2000 Part 3?
    At the time I posted what I knew about the guitar including that it is the number 54 of 54 on the serial chart and that it wasn't finished in the factory. For example it didn't even have holes for a back electronics cover.

    Walrus, yes that's the X-2000 as my avatar.

    My uncle thought it had Bluesbird hardware on it but when he found the Starfire IV in his workshop (his shop had collapsed a number of years ago due to snow) he remembered the hardware that was supposed to go in this starfire went to the X-2000 instead.
    Photos for the X-2000 are in a google photos album on the linked thread but since then I have drilled and made my own cavity cover for the back and had a push-push knob installed for coil split on the tone knob and turned the small toggle switch back to a phase switch.

    I have a lot to thank for my uncle, he is a great carpenter, not a musician in the slightest, so he felt that alot of the Guild guitars and items he had accumulated needed a good home so they were distributed between my other cousins and I.
    Without the X-2000 I would not be as into guitars or have found you all on this forum.

    Nuuska, I'm not sure if this Starfire was supposed to have a stop tail piece as it isn't drilled for either the stop or harp. Assuming that all the hardware on my X-2000 was from this Starfire then yes it would be a stop tail, I would prefer to have a harp tailpiece however.
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    Nice. Thanks for the link! Beautiful guitars.
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    Ive been searching around but I think I need assistance, does anyone know of a good place to get a harp tailpiece that would fit on this 1 1/2 thick Starfire? I came across a Winfield Rickenbaker harp tailpiece but if anyone has a better suggestion Id like to hear it.

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    Nuuska, I would make a couple of changes to that list:

    Starfire IV: Thin semi-hollow body guitar large center block harp or stop tailpiece. In some years, a Guildsby Vibrato was an option. In some years, the IV had the higher end appointments of the SFV.
    Starfire V: Same as SFIV, but with higher end appointments, a master volume, and a Guildsby vibrato tailpiece

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