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Thread: if you can'r decide what color guitar you want...

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    if you can'r decide what color guitar you want...

    Get one made out of 1,200 crayola colored pencils:

    The video is actually sort of interesting...

    * edit - obviously, the title should be "can't" *

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    I think that's super cool!! Not sure how it would sound or how heavy it would be, but from an aesthetic standpoint, I LiKE IT!!
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    They should call it the "Lead Zeppelin," bwahaha.
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    I saw this, too and figure it's probably fairly heavy and dull sounding. My main question/concern is whether it'll have long-term problems with screws maintaining their purchase, mainly the tremolo ones. Seems like anything you drill/screw into this is a total crapshoot as far as landing partly/wholly on epoxy, wood, and/or or colored pencil lead. Something that hits half on/off a pencil core might not be super stable. I also kind of wonder how good a job that epoxy did of binding the pencils together where they abut each other and whether there's a tensile strength issue with the neck pocket, in particular.

    Ambitious and interesting idea, though and cool to look at!

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    The video is cool to watch nevertheless. Nice idea.

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