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Thread: Happy New year !

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    Happy New year !

    Hey folks Happy new year to you all 😁 I most likely will sleep through it lol but I hope all your new goals if any come true .

    On another note I was hoping to get back to my 212xl it's been sometime and I hoped I could continue to work on my song that I wrote on her . I often forget and many good songs went missing as I could not remember what the heck I played .

    Anyway once again good fortune falls upon me my first coming on day before Christmas was a prayer to the man upstairs about my financial situation and the next day I received a letter and in that was a nice change in my salary.

    The next good fortune was that I was hoping to remember that last song as went for the 212 and to my surprise the first notes if picked was the beginning of the song ! Yaaaaaaay. I have most it figured out and it made me happy ! Hehehe

    Oh and the 212 was perfectly tuned just as I left it . Very impressive!

    So on that note have a great New year and never stop looking up !
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    And to you, Rayk. Life is good!
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    Same to you, Ray, and everyone else at LTG!

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    Hmm I think I already recorded the song guess my memory still sucks lol but I have to look to make sure.

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    Happy New Year to everyone!

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    Yes, Happy New Year to all! Should be an interesting ride, all things considered.

    "Just give me one extra season, so I can figure out the other four."

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    Quote Originally Posted by richardp69 View Post
    Here's a big "HUG" scrooge ! LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rayk View Post
    Hey folks Happy new year to you all ��
    Thanks, Ray, and same to you and everybody else! Looks like I made it through another one. I really MUST get back to recording stuff!
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