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Thread: New Hartford GSR Starfire VI, as good as I've hyped it up in my head?

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    Not to offend anyone who owns one, but I don't really see what's special about them, or what makes them extra desirable : it's a non-Guild body shape, doesn't look like any Starfire before or after it, and it has Gibson type pickups. Might be a very decent ES-335 type guitar, but I'd rather have a Starfire or an ES-335, and this is kind of neither. Then again, I could see how that very thing could be the attraction to some people.
    I always thought the fifties pickguard looked wonky on the SF body.

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    No offence taken here but this is exactly why I like the GSR Starfire so much. As I said I have a ES-345 and an old Starfire IV and the GSR is a very unique guitar, lighter and more resonate than either of the others. I have several old traditional guitars but sometimes I just want something different. It reminds me more of some of the Collings I have played. Built great with nitro finish, plays great, sounds great, can't see the name on the headstock nor the shape when I am playing it anyway. Try one if you can and make up your own mind. I was able to try and buy locally so for me it was not a shot in the dark. Did I mention that my wife bought my GSR Starfire for my birthday!
    Thanks john

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    A GSR Starfire as a gift?! You are a lucky guy!

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    Shoot, I had to buy my OWN birthday present!
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