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Thread: Newbie's first post

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    Newbie's first post

    This is my first post to the group. Have been enjoying reading the posts but never got around to registering until now. I bought a black Starfire II, built in 1999, about a year and a half ago. It looked absolutely mint, but the bridge wouldn't go down low enough for the action I wanted and the bridge pickup was cocked and hung up and I couldn't adjust its height. So I never played it much. Well, yesterday I finally got around to taking everything apart. I drilled out the bridge so it would sit down lower on the support bolts, freed up the pickup and got it moving, restrung it (D'Addario NYXL 10's) and set the pickup heights -- I can't believe what an incredible sound the SF has. Always wanted a thin hollow-body, but never liked the Gibson ES - thought it sounded too much like my Les Paul. But the SF is a totally different beast. I now realize how lucky I was to find this one on Reverb.

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    Congrats and welcome! I have 2 SF III's and a VI. THe III's are really light and fun to play. Glad you got yours sorted out.

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    Welcome Steve! Sounds like you’ve got a winner there. We need pictures to be sure though!
    Shihan= Dennis

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    Welcome, Steve!

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    Howdy, Steve! Welcome to the forum and glad you discovered the magic of Guilds. The build quality of those Westerly-era Starfires is really nice, and they sound great.
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    You have no idea how much fun you're going to have here, so stick around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by killdeer43 View Post
    You have no idea how much fun you're going to have here, so stick around.

    Isn't that a line in the Rocky Horror Picture Show?

    But yeah welcome aboard!
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    Quote Originally Posted by shihan View Post
    Welcome Steve! Sounds like you’ve got a winner there. We need pictures to be sure though!
    My "Posting Permissions" says I cannot post attachments, probably because I'm a newbie. Assume that includes photos. Will put photos up as soon as I'm allowed.

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    Welcome, Steve!
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    Welcome to the LTG! Great story!
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