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Thread: Ngd...2012 d55

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    A nice RW back on this one.


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    Very nice tone. The sustain on that is wonderful! Congrats!

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    Looks like a nice one! Sounds awesome

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    Sweet! Looks and sounds fantastic! Congrats!
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    Update... the finish chips in the lower bout at the binding were driving me crazy... the PO must have had a habit of setting it top side down or something....many small chips in the finish as seen in the pics. I left it at the local Sam Ash for repair two weeks ago and it's almost undetectable now... Nice job Sam Ash! Before and after pics in the Google album
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    Not sure how I missed this one, but congratulations. That's a beautiful D55! Glad you're enjoying it. Looks like the dog is as well......
    Tom in Vegas

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    Congratulations! That’s a winner. Rings like a bell. Amazing what a little knowledge and tweaking can do to bring out the best in a great guitar.
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    I missed this too congrats :)

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    congrats and that rosewood is fantastic!

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    great playing...somehow when I think of a D-55 it's being played much harder/faster.

    Nice mellow tune and yes it really shows off the voice of that great guitar.
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