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Thread: Ngd...2012 d55

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    Ngd...2012 d55

    Been waiting a while for one to pop up locally for a good price. Sam Ash yesterday I noticed it on the used section of their web site. Priced pretty good I went and looked. Setup was terrible with old light strings and zero relief (dull sounding and buzzing) so I couldn't really play it properly in the store...I knew fresh mediums and a quarter turn of the truss rod should do the trick. Pointed out some cosmetic flaws and haggled, and now she's home. Nothing major but some finish chipping on the lower bout. I'll likely have patched up but for now I'll be playing a lot. Sounds awesome of course! Some quick pics here:
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    Happy D55 Thanksgiving!
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    Quote Originally Posted by HeyMikey View Post
    Happy D55 Thanksgiving! excited to play this thing some more with my full T-Day Belly I forgot to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bronzeback View Post excited to play this thing some more with my full T-Day Belly I forgot to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!
    Great-know you been looking and glad you found one-enjoy.
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    Nice find and nice silking on the top, congrats . 😁

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    yeah that top is great!
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    A beauty! Major congrats!
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    Yup, that's a beauty, bb. Congrats!
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    Here's a little sound check in F (Drop D Capo 3) sounds pretty good for cell phone video... Man she just rings and rings.
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