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Thread: F-512 vs F-1512

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    I haven't played one of the above, but the 1512 has gotten good reviews over at the AGF.
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    I got the opportunity in 2014 to play a Brand New New Hartford made F512 and a Brand New Import F1512 side by side in a comparison at my local Guild Dealer. Granted these were 2014 models and not 2018 models. While the F-1512 was a good sounding 12 string for the money it was no where close to being in the same discussion as the F512. Honestly it was equivalent to half of the F512 in tone, volume, and play ability to me. Your experience may be different. Still for the money at 1/3 the price of the F512 it was a good value but you really couldn't even compare it to the NH made F512 they were so far apart. I am now the proud owner of 2 New Hartford made F512's and they are both Amazing. If you get the chance to play a F512 you will understand why the call it the king of the 12 string guitars.

    On the other hand if I was gigging in dive bars night after night where things tend to get knocked around a bit I wouldn't hesitate to use a F1512 to avoid having anything happen to my F512's. Best of luck and you really can't go wrong with any Guild 12 string. The ultimate question is how much do you want to spend and what do you want out of the instrument?

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    I have a couple,of F512’s, an F612, an F212 and an F1512. There is no comparison between the F1512 and it’s USA manufactured counterpart, however, the F1512 does run circles around pretty much every other 12 string that I have played. Over all, I have been very impressed by the GAD series of Guilds. I have a D140CE that I purchased when they were first introduced and it’s a fantastic guitar. Their quality and sound are excellent.

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    There's an article in the latest issue of *American Lutherie* about the ever increasing expansion of the use of CNC machines and the effect that has had on guitar making.

    I thought I knew in advance where the article was going, given that the magazine is mainly about independent luthiers, many of them working in small one- or two-person shops, and doing much of their work by hand.

    But the upshot of the article is that the guitars coming out of places like China and Japan these days -- which rely heavily on CNC operations -- are exceptionally well-made, especially compared with what was being produced in those countries half a century ago.

    I imagine most people here have stumbled across something from Guild's Madeira line over the years and knows how dicey those guitars could be! (Though I confess i have one old Madeira jumbo that I like enough to have hung onto it for many years now, and which, no foolin', sounds better than a few "Made in USA" Guilds I've played.)

    We all start somewhere, and being able to find a quite decent Japanese-made or Chinese-made or Korean-made guitar for under $400.00 these days is nothing to look down our noses at.

    A point made in the article is that young people, or anyone on a budget, has options that simply weren't available to people my age when we were starting out. For not much money, you can find a guitar that plays great, sounds great, has excellent intonation, a comfortable neck, etc.

    Those are the kinds of things that make playing a pleasure, which is what keeps us playing. Anyone who gets far enough into it will probably move up the ol' food chain eventually.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Br1ck View Post
    You would be better off finding an F 212, F 312, or F 412 if cash is the issue. Used.
    Or JF30-12 or JF55-12 or JF65-12. These are all Guild jumbo 12-strings.

    Just make sure you know how to check for acceptable neck angle, saddle height, action, etc. Maybe I was real lucky, but I picked up an excellent condition Corona-build JF30-12 for under a grand, and it is spectacular.
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    I imagine most people here have stumbled across something from Guild's Madeira line over the years and knows how dicey those guitars could be! (Though I confess i have one old Madeira jumbo that I like enough to have hung onto it for many years now, and which, no foolin', sounds better than a few "Made in USA" Guilds I've played.)

    Couldn't agree more.

    Frankly mine beat out a lot of higher end stuff that came home for a trial run until I went on a long lucky streak with most of the guilds on my sig.

    I'd like to try one of those 11512's
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    I owned an F-512 and have played a couple of F-1512 gutiars. I agree with several above who say "no comparison". 12 Strings create a lot of sound and for that reason, I would only consider a rosewood body 12 string. A used F-512 might be found for a couple hundred more than a new F-1512. (ebay, Reverb, Guitar Center) I say there is a lot of variety among the GAD MIC series Guilds, and I think the older GAD guitars in general, were either made better or just sound better. My old GAD-50 is just amazing. I have been going to a shop for 2 months, playing a Seagull Excursion 12 String Sitka top, walnut body, easy to play, very nice sound, very low price.

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