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Thread: NGD: Starfire III-90

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    Quote Originally Posted by GAD View Post
    Are you concerned that the tuners are "unwinding" the string? Or do the pegs feel loose?
    not that the pegs feel loose; rather that there is slack in the gears. You turn a bit and feel nothing is happening before they engage. I "lock" my strings with a reverse wind anyway which usually seems to work for tuning.

    Quote Originally Posted by Quantum Strummer View Post
    My beef with Rotomatics isn't about stability (they're fine) but feel. I can never get a sense of how much I need to turn a tuning key to get x amount of pitch change.

    My '71 S-100 has a set of '50s-era Grover Sta-Tites on it via the guy I bought it from. They're fantastic! Super stable and very precise. I wish the newer ones, while okay, were this good.

    Exactly. Waverlys and Sta-tites are really good. However, isn't a Rotomatic the same basic components as a Sta-tite but in a sealed box?

    I wonder if Sta-tites are a drop in replacement for the Rotomatics.

    EDIT: I've downloaded plans for the different Grovers. when i have a moment i'll work out if they are the same dimensions
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    The Sta-Tites definitely will not drop in. They use a different size bushing and have two mounting screws instead of one. I really don't like the new Sta-Tites anyway. They use a nylon compression washer that makes them stiff and even sticky sometimes. You can replace the nylon washer with a metal wavy washer and a flat washer. That improves them drastically, but why should you need to?

    Anyway, from the drawings at Stewmac, it looks like the Gotoh Magnum Lock will drop in if you want to try a different brand (I have no experience with the Gotoh.) Available with keystone or "regular" knobs

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    Gotoh makes the best modern "Kluson" Deluxes I've come across. I've swapped out the rubbish metal key Klusons in a number of '70s Gibson SGs for Gotohs. The Rotomatic-like tuners they made for Ibanez in the early '80s are great too. I imagine they still make equivalents now. A better modern Sta-Tite would be great…

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