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Thread: Guild Pilot

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    Guild Pilot

    Aside of my Gibson related adventures, I did find it in my wallet to buy another Guild bass. It might be the first time someone has bought one out of spite.
    I like to look at Guitar Center's used stuff, and they just happened to have a Guild Pilot at the store near me. I've always meant to try one, more out of curiosity than anything else. I thought I wouldn't like it because I'm not a fan of Fender basses, and I kind of assumed the Pilot was just a P or J copy.
    I ended up going on a Saturday night, and it wasn't on the store's website anymore, so I wasn't sure it would be there.
    It's pretty dead (as always) and I find the bass quickly, since it's a bright blue.
    The only problem is, it's up too high and even my Dad couldn't reach it.
    I tried to ask the guys there for help, but they didn't seem to care much about helping people in the store.
    Finally a guy says he'll be with me in a minute, which somehow turns into 5.
    I tell him about the bass, and he takes it down, telling me that it has been sold and he's on the phone with the guy now.
    He takes off to the front of the store with it.
    I was pretty pissed then, because I waited a while just to try out this bass, and I'm not the type of person who's going to destroy it. (I also couldn't buy it with my Dad right there anyway, but I was too lazy to drive that night).
    Another guy comes over and manages to bring the bass over to me and I play it for a few minutes.
    The bass itself was only $500, but it was in bad shape. No case, quite a few dings where the paint had totally chipped off.
    I also hated the look of the nut for some reason, it looked plasticy to me.
    I give it back to the sales guy and he tries to get me other basses I might like, but they're all kind of meh.
    I go back on GC's website when I get home and notice that the bass I just played is back on the website, which means it didn't sell.
    I thought about buying it, but I just wasn't a fan of the dings and the bright blue.
    I look through what's on there and there's a cool red one, but it's too expensive.
    Then this black looking one catches my eye.
    It's $550, so it's more than the one near me, but it looks like a dark blue, but I can't tell for sure.
    It says it comes with a case, and I figure a case is worth at least $50 more, so I pull the trigger.
    I ended up picking it up a week later.
    My last GC Guild bass experience went poorly, so this time I brought some of my music and asked to play the bass before leaving the store.
    It did come with a "case" but it was cardboard and fell apart when the bass came out of it.
    I ended up buying a case for $100, but it's actually lightweight and really great.
    I wasn't sure if I liked the bass at first, it's kind of dinged up and beat around.
    The tuners are Carvins, not Guild, which I found odd.
    I almost wanted to call up my luthier and see if he had any before taking the bass home, but I've learned to love the Carvins.
    It's so lightweight, and the neck is so comfy and thin!
    It sounds just like a Fender bass, but doesn't have the weight, the thick neck or the gloss!
    It's odd, I love this bass so much, but if it got stolen, I'm not sure I would be insanely upset, like I would with my X-702.
    Perhaps because I've been told that there are still quite a lot of Guild Pilots around.
    It has a 1984 SB-604 serial number, but when I send pictures of it to my luthier, he tells me it is likely a 1986.
    I opened up the back the other day to find out it's an active bass (it works on the passive setting of my amp, so I didn't think it was).
    I also looked up the pot codes and they date to July of 1986.
    My luthier said that they had extra necks lying around for a while, and that he even has a neck just like mine.
    The only issue I have with it is that someone either replaced the back cover or it shrank, because it doesn't fit cover the back hole properly.
    I actually thought the bass was a refin because of the dark blue color, which is why I sent pictures of it to my luthier, but he confirmed it wasn't.
    It's odd that most of the blue Pilots are that very bright blue, and not this color (which I like better).
    Anybody else fall in love with a Pilot?
    I feel bad, but I hated them at first because I assumed they were Fender copies and the reason my beloved X-702 was discontinued.
    Now I'm in love with it! (Just don't tell my X-702).
    I'll add some pictures later.
    Having issues getting pictures taken on my phone to come up on my computer.
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    My Guilds:
    1968 Guild M-85 II (Restoration In Progress)
    1973 Guild M-85 II
    1983 Guild X-702
    1986 Guild Pilot
    1997 Guild Starfire II
    1997 Guild Starfire III
    2000 Guild D-30

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    Wow. Never seen that color.

    I spent years thinking I could not handle a 34"' scale because I had tried to play my college roommate's Precision. Someone got me to try a Pilot and my hand didn't hurt. It is never going to be my favorite bass but when I don't want the sound of a bisonic that is what I grab. Kurt (guildsofgrot) owns a whole lot of Pilots and a Pilot is his "go to" bass for gigs.

    On the amps I've used the passive/active "switch" just attenuates the signal on an active bass so if you are not driving the preamp to the point where it breaks up or distorts using an active bass in passive position doesn't really make a difference.

    Glad you got one. Sorry GC is still a PITA to work with.
    Quote Originally Posted by mgod View Post
    What he said.
    Quote Originally Posted by Stuball48 View Post
    Frono: You are correct----again.

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    Guild Pilot eh? I can take 'em or leave 'em!

    (Strangely enough, that's not even all of them!)

    There's also his one!

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    Congrats on the new bass!
    See if your luthier can make a clear acrylic cavity cover plate for you. That would look cool!

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    Thatís an awesome collection, Grot!
    Iíve been thinking of getting a 5 string Pilot Pro at some point. If I can find one at a decent price. I think thereís one 5 on eBay, but itís in Japan. :(
    I must ask: how are you able to have so many basses?
    I have 7 now and my Dad is not a fan.
    He doesnít know about the Pilot because Iím trying to unload my Fender PJ before telling him about this one.

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    Iíve never thought of a clear acrylic cavity. That sounds cool! It might also give me a visual reminder to change the 9V battery.

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    Quote Originally Posted by katthestar View Post
    I must ask: how are you able to have so many basses?
    I was a adult single guy with more money then sense.

    Here's my Pro Pilot 5-String.

    I don't include the Pro's with the other Pilots since they are so different.
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    Congrats, Katthestar. I really like the color on that. Is it grey or blue? Looks like Grot has a similar finish on the right there, but that might be green ??
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    Quote Originally Posted by fronobulax View Post
    Wow. Never seen that color.
    Special order for the color, maybe?
    Looks like the Woodgrain Blue (code "WGB") seen on acoustics of the era, but yeah, can't recall seeing it on an electric of any type before.
    Corona D25, but the color's been seen on late '80's JF30-12, too:
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