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Thread: Ngd: F-130

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    Quote Originally Posted by adorshki View Post
    You mean the "tweed", right?
    I actually kind of dig the look, if it weren't for the bad quality reports I'd be ok with 'em.
    And see my edit, I probably was out-of-touch about when they started offering 'em with the GAD's.
    The tweed, yes. If you have to walk to your gigs, then this is the case for you, it's light.


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    Quote Originally Posted by GuildUpNorth View Post
    .......All in all I would have loved an F-30, but I will likely be keeping this little guy for a very long time. For $325 shipped it is an absolute steal.
    Short of someone giving you this one, yes $325 shipped is indeed an absolute steal!

    As far as you wanting a F30, I don't think you'll gain much in that exchange. If it's a F30 "Traditional" that you want, then you'll get a narrower neck and tighter string spacing at the bridge, for a much much higher price. I've played enough F30's throughout the years to know that they all have their strong points, but have yet to find one that covers all the bases.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GuildUpNorth View Post
    ....For $325 shipped it is an absolute steal. ....
    Man, you ain't kidding! That is a very cool looking guitar! With a super nice case. Yeah, what a steal. Glad to hear it sounds great too, but not surprised. Guild's offshore makers have gotten really good at it.
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    Had one, liked it, and let it go! Such is life in the GAS game.
    Nice photo spread, BTW.

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    Quote Originally Posted by killdeer43 View Post
    Had one, liked it, and let it go! Such is life in the GAS game.
    Nice photo spread, BTW.

    Yep - you sent it on to Jeffcoop, who sent it on to me where it still resides. It really is a nice little guitar, and I'm playing it more and more as my right shoulder complains about jumbos and dreads.

    Story here and here.
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    Glad itís getting good use!

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    You’re all so kind!

    So far I’m sfill loving it. Had family over for the weekend, so it didn’t get a ton of playing time. The little I’ve gotten to play it I feel like the wood has opened a bit, I’m giessing it didn’t get used much by the previous owner. It definitely sounds sweeter than it did to start.

    I also discovered why it was a second (I think). There’s a blem beneath the clear coat near the endpin jack. It’s discolored a bit there. If I put a strap on it you’d never even see it, and it obviously isn’t affecting tone or playability so it doesn’t bother me.
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    For the record (if it matters) the case for my D150 looks just like GUN's and the fit and finish seem just fine. It also will fit the G312.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steve488 View Post
    For the record (if it matters) the case for my D150 looks just like GUN's and the fit and finish seem just fine. It also will fit the G312.
    Yeah, only the "tweeds" had complaints.
    The black ones are genuine TKLs and I've never heard a complaint about those.
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