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Thread: Nut for 70s F512

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    Nut for 70s F512

    I couldn't find this information anywhere, so I'm posting it case it helps anyone in the future:

    I wanted to replace a cracked nut on my 1977 Guild F512 with a pre-cut nut, and went in search of one. After a lot of searching for guidance, I found a GraphTech sizing chart ( that recommended the PQ1578. I got it installed and while it felt a bit different from the nut I was replacing. More importantly, wherever I tried a capo, the low E strings could not be fretted cleanly. I contacted Graphtech, who maintained that the 1578 was the correct nut.

    Last night I tried the PQ1568, with the slightly smaller E to E measurement. Works much better - I love my 512 again!

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    Also, for what it's worth, I've found that the G7 12-String and the Dunlop Trigger capo both work well on this neck/nut combination. I've had less success with the Shubb 12-string, the D'addario NS Tr-action and the NS Artist (which is my favorite for 6-strings). I wish I had jumped on one of those early Thalia promotions to be able to try one of those. I just can't justify spending $70 on something I'm likely to misplace in a bar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coop47 View Post
    I just can't justify spending $70 on something I'm likely to misplace in a bar.
    Me neither.
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