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Thread: Guild S-70

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    Guild S-70

    Hi Guys,

    I am a new member on L.T.G but not new to the old Guild electrics! I was looking for some information on my old Guild S-70 before having some work done on it and I was surprised to find a couple great forums full of people that share my love for these old but not forgotten instruments. I had written a little about how I came across my S-70 in the comments section of G.A.D's excellent review of the Guild S-300 and I will share the boring story with you below. My S-70 has been with me for 25yrs, through good times and bad. After 25 years with me I have nothing but great things to say about Guilds! My frets are getting too low (but they lasted thru 2 owners!) and I may need a new 5way switch but she is more than worth the time and expense. Have any S series owners had the dreaded refret done on their old friend? Nice to meet you all btw!
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    Who better to share this with than you guys. I was 20 and pretty much an acoustic player but I definitely wanted an electric. I went in to a local shop with my friend and the usually empty Left Handed section had a very strangely shaped black beast in lefty! After getting the ”Go ahead man” nod from the guy at the counter I picked it up. Not a new guitar but the build quality was so far beyond the guitars I had handled it was crazy! All black, chrome stopbar tail piece that looked like a Razor Blade and a lightning bolt had a baby, 2 aged cream single coils in the neck and middle and a after market seymour duncan hotrails mini HB in the bridge. all mahogany with that long 24 fret slim neck that has a bit of depth. As for neck heel...What neck heel? Where is it?! Someone had obviously gigged and enjoyed it before me but after plugging in and being gobsmacked by the variety of tones I got playing with the phase and bypass switches and the 5way strat style switching I had to buy it! I ripped off a Floyd solo then I paid $450 of my hard earned Canuck dollars for her and I have loved the guitar (Elvira) ever since! It was the electric I learned my first licks on, it can rip blues, rock, I play it clean all the time and it pulls off a mean ”Rain Song”. After trying a bunch of guitar models I realize that for me nothing with ever feel as right as my uniquely shaped relic from the past. I literally just brought my S-70 to a great tech 5 days ago to give it some t.l.c and a friend contacted me and told me he just saw a guitar like mine for sale. I paid a fair sum for this S-300 but it is the same build and materials and I think the same year as my S-70 and it looks to be in amazing shape for a 38yr old lady! Even the paint on these guitars has aged in that cool way that gives it amazing character. I think there are a ton of great guitars out there, but I have a pair of old school Guild USA electrics, one with single coils, one with humbuckers. They are and will forever be my Weapons of choice. Nice to find others that enjoy these music machines.
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    Good to see you here!

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    Thank you GAD! I have been feverishly scouring your Guild reviews and I really enjoy them.

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    u own both a left-handed S-70, as well as a left-handed S-300? wild stuff!

    please post some pics so we can all get the bends looking at them...and welcome!

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    Hello mavuser, Thanks for the welcome! I attached the story of how I got my S-70 lefty years ago. Just as I was getting someone to work on my S-70 a friend called me and told me he saw a guitar just like mine online! It was not ''just'' like my S-70, it was a freaking S-300 lefty in white with two HB1's! I had been thinking of buying a new guitar like a tele or LP but I forgot about those in a hurry lol. I think I better upgrade my membership now that I know about LTG so I can put up some pics of the gruesome twosome when I introduce them. The way I came across these two guitars makes me think it was meant to be! As some of the guys here say ''I'm just a long-term borrower'' because they will no doubt outlast me.
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    Here are my right handed cousins to your guitars in Ash.

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    I have fantasized about blonde twins before, but none as beautiful as that pair! Nice to meet you Grot! I have seen you mentioned in the forums a lot. Those guitars are fantastic looking! Are you the first owner or something?!
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuildedCage View Post
    I have fantasized about blonde twins before, but none as beautiful as that pair! Nice to meet you Grot! I seen you mentioned in the forums a lot. Those guitars are fantastic looking! Are you the first owner or something?!
    Don't get him started.

    He has one of the (if not the) biggest and most complete Guild collections in the world.

    And those are just the guitars, and from what I recall, it's not even all of them!
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    Whoa! That is a Serious harem of Guilds right there! I am speechless Lol!

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