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Thread: 12's out of Oxnard

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    12's out of Oxnard

    Discussion with the Sweetwater people about the new 12 strings at summer NAAM. No playing, but interesting and encouraging nonetheless. I laughed at the "Dripping with bad-assedness" comment. Don't think it will replace "Made to be played."

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    Quote Originally Posted by MLBob View Post
    "Dripping with bad-assedness"

    When this happens to me, I usually end up at the doctor's...

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    Quote Originally Posted by walrus View Post
    When this happens to me, I usually end up at the doctor's...

    "I Don't Need No Doctor"...
    oops, wrong thread again..
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    Quote Originally Posted by walrus View Post
    When this happens to me, I usually end up at the doctor's...

    you are a sick man indeed
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    Doctor Who ???

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    "...dripping with bad-assedness..."\

    I have to say.... I like it!
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    Are the Oxnard Guilds gaining in the "Guitar Respect World?"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stuball48 View Post
    Are the Oxnard Guilds gaining in the "Guitar Respect World?"
    Actually, AFAIK, I thought American-made Guild 12s already had the world's respect as "best of the best," regardless of which of Guild's many shops they came out of....

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