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Thread: BACK FROM THE '05 'burst F50R...

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    Quote Originally Posted by adorshki View Post
    Think of 'em as babies:
    Once the first one's outta the way the rest of 'em don't seem to hurt so much.


    I saw this coffee mug - a drawn picture of a happy couple - man and wife - with a dog laying between them - and in background a boy and girl going away hauling suitcases . . .

    Text was - in Finnish, but since it is easier on you I translate - "Life begins when dog dies and kids move out"

    So for Retro Rocker - perhaps your Guild will start a new and better life with new twist to songs after bumps - while how can a cowboy or bluesman sing of misery/loneliness/sorrow without having being there first ???
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    First good guitar - GUILD Duane Eddy 400 - I was 3rd owner - still regret letting it go 25 years ago - used to have Artist Award and Starfire - no regrets here.
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