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Thread: Guild Thunderstar Bass head

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    Alrighty gents, I decided that before I do any more playing and/or exploring of the Thunderbass, it needs to get a proper 3-prong plug installed for safety and gone through to make sure it's otherwise healthy, caps and all. I dropped it off with a reputable, experienced local amp tech this morning to have it gone through. I sent him a link to this thread as well and let him know about the wealth of knowledge on Guild amps that exists on here. Will report back when the amp is back at home!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mellowgerman View Post
    I sent him a link to this thread as well and let him know about the wealth of knowledge on Guild amps that exists on here. Will report back when the amp is back at home!
    Great idea.
    I try to remember to suggest that to folks taking in their acoustics for neck re-sets.
    Also a good idea about getting a grounded plug installed.
    Used to be one of Capnjuan's primary instructions.
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    Still anxiously waiting to hear back from the tech... I knew it would take a while, but I'm so exciiiiiiiiited to thundergroove. Oh well, I'd rather have it done right and take a while than a rush-job that results in more expensive repairs down the road (or puts me in the grave)

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    I took my bargain into my amp tech, rather than doing it myself. Too much to do, and he can handle any surprises.

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    News from the workbench: Amp is clean, tubes are healthy, and a new properly grounded power supply cable has been installed. Could have gone to pick up the amp and left it at that, but I decided to go all out and have a complete cap-job done. So I imagine I may be waiting another two weeks or so, but once it's back in my hands, it will be good to go for years :)

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    Nice looking bunch of gear there, mellowgerman.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Minnesota Flats View Post
    Nice looking bunch of gear there, mellowgerman.
    Thank you, I'm very happy with my Guilds! I will say though, the ol' modified 1968 mahogany natural Starfire is going to be leaving me soon. It has been a fun revival project, but my red 1970 is really the perfect instrument for me, so I feel like I can't justify keeping the extra one around. As a lot of you know, those hardshell cases take up quite a bit of space. We live in a relatively small apartment and between my girlfriend's bass and my fretless, I have my emergency "backup" bass bases is covered too. A close friend of mine has expressed serious interest, so it will very likely be finding its way up to CT to live with him within the coming weeks.

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    It's baaaaack! Just picked up the amp yesterday and it is like new! Tubes were all still good, but the filter caps were all replaced, a grounded power cable was added, and all of the pots and jacks were cleaned out. Works like I imagine it would have on day 1, back in 1968. I love it. The tone through my Eminence 12" loaded cab is monstrous. Can't wait to play around with it more on Sunday & Monday (my weekend).
    On a side note, the tech did give me all of the old caps and components, so I still have them. Those were all original as far as I know, so in case any photos or info from them could help someone, I'm happy to provide what I can.

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    proud dad here, sharing photos of my babies

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    Nice although I would not want to transport that speaker cabinet unless there are handles, wheels or both that are not visible.

    What's going one with the patch cord in the upper left? Are you somehow "telling" the amp that you are only using one channel and so it "behaves" differently?
    Quote Originally Posted by mgod View Post
    What he said.
    Quote Originally Posted by Stuball48 View Post
    Frono: You are correct----again.

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    This space available.

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