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Thread: Too... Many... Guilds...

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    Quote Originally Posted by GAD View Post
    You're not trying hard enough.

    Maybe you should make a new wall.... of guitar amps!


    I can spot Hagström - and there is Selmer - perhaps a hidden Dynacord somewhere - right - Very impressive
    First good guitar - GUILD Duane Eddy 400 - I was 3rd owner - still regret letting it go 25 years ago - used to have Artist Award and Starfire - no regrets here.
    Present guitars - all bought new - F50R 1975 - F512 1977 - F212CSB 1979 - OM-240CE 2018 - Schecter Startocaster
    bought secondhand - B30SB fretless - RED Songbird - White Songbird - D-125 - Gibson 3/4-size acoustic 1957 - Carmelo Gonzales nylon string - old Levin Lute

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    I hope that is a picture out of the latest Groove Tube book!

    I thought of it more and think Grot's method will work for me. I like looking at the guitars so after I downsize I can them stock the walls for easy access.

    Now the amps... that's another story. I need some more wall space!

    Been in our latest house over 20 years. We have a habit of selling our house just when I get the basement all finished and man cave ready. That is likely the reason I was never in a rush to finish the entire basement of this house.

    So who here, when house hunting, spent more time looking at the garage and man cave potential of the house instead of the actual house? I am guilty of this. And so as not to disturb the neighborhood it has to have a lot of land or a basement or both!

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    Lots of Marshalls, Ampeg, one of the early Gibson stereo amps, Acoustic, ....suprised no Magnatones. Lot of newer combos that I don't recognize.

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    They say there's nothing new under the I guess things just move around a lot... :-)
    Never settle for adversity
    [color=#4040FF]80 Guild F512, 68 Guild 312,72 F112,90 Guild D50,/color...60 something hollow Tiesco
    Peavey preditor USA strat, Dillion thinline tele. 80 Guild G37.. Nylon classical, Oscar Schmidt dulcimer.

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    What's that guitar GAD? A 160?

    -1960 CE100D
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    Quote Originally Posted by Walter Broes View Post
    What's that guitar GAD? A 160?
    Yup. X160 Rockabilly to be precise.
    1970s: [ S70 | 2x S300AD ]
    1980s: [ X79 | X79-3 | 2x X80 | X100 | S270 | S281 | S284 | BHM1 ]
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    Amps: [ Yes ]

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