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Thread: Too... Many... Guilds...

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    Quote Originally Posted by GAD View Post
    I think I've confused some people by being unclear. This is a NGD post and that guitar is not for sale, nor will it be be as it's been promised to the person I bought it from whenever he wants it back. I was just lamenting the fact that I have too damn many guitars and as soon as i get rid of some, some new ones come in to replace them. I know, tough problem to have.
    You say this like its a bad thing. You reached an equilibrium and then you decreased the amound. The resultant void has to be filled.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GAD View Post
    I got rid of four, and now this third one has slid into one of the empty spots. Luckily I shipped two more off to Fixit, but damn i need to get rid of some more.

    Here's a not so subtle teaser.

    You are such a Tease GAD! If the original owner decides they don't want it back I want to put my name on the list for first dibs since no one else has spoken up yet, LOL!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dbirchett View Post
    You say this like its a bad thing. You reached an equilibrium and then you decreased the amound. The resultant void has to be filled.
    Just as a gas will expand to fill a container, the number of guitars must increase to fill the available space. I like to refer to this as "GAD's Law".
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    Q - How many Guilds are enough?

    A - Just one more...
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    Too many is when you can't find a place to stack them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by matsickma View Post
    Is that a RED or ORANGE X160 Rockibilly?
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    Too many is when your wife says: "It's either me or the guitars..."
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    Quote Originally Posted by ClydeTower View Post
    Too many is when your wife says: "It's either me or the guitars..."
    A little hydration helps. Usually, one of those sweet dessert wines.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark WW View Post
    Too many is when you can't find a place to stack them.
    Then you start working on an addition.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AcornHouse View Post
    Then you start working on an addition.
    Or you switch from acoustic to electric... 'Leccies are much easier to stack.
    Quote Originally Posted by Neal
    I am going to hang onto this little F-20 and play it as a reminder that life is sometimes rough, but it doesn't necessarily mean that the damage you accrue along the way defines who you are.
    Quote Originally Posted by marcellis
    Growing old is a bitch.
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