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Thread: Jumbo Junior Bass hard case?

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    Jumbo Junior Bass hard case?

    I recently purchased a Guild Jumbo Jr Bass from Elderly Instruments and am very happy with it. It replaced a Kala Rumbler, which I liked but after a couple of years intonation issues became quite serious. The Guild is only available with a soft case and I am looking for a hard case for it. So far, no one (including Guild) has been able to suggest a hard case to fit the Jumbo Jr Bass. If anyone has found a compatible hard case, please share details. Thanks

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    I see a first post - welcome!

    Can't help you with your question but someone should be along who can.
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    I would think a standard jumbo case should fit it. If not a 12-string jumbo case definitely should. Only thing that might throw you a curveball is the tuners being too wide. If you have a guitar center or Sam Ash around, swing by there and see if they have some you can try

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    A regular Jumbo case will definitely not fit it. Here is the link to the spec page for the Jumbo Junior Bass.

    It has a 14.5" lower bout and a 10.5" upper bout with a body length of 17.25", an over all guitar length of 37", and the deepest point of the body is 4.1". If you will look online at places like Guardian Cases, TKL, and other aftermarket case manufacturers you may be able to find an OM or 000 case that will fit the dimensions of the guitar or at least get very close to it. If all else fails you could have Cedar Creek make you a case but that will probably cost more than the guitar itself. Best of luck and hope this info helps!

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    Ah, if that's the case (pun retroactively intended), my apologies! I thought the issue was finding a case large enough for the Junior Jumbo without the extreme length of regular acoustic bass cases...
    Either way though, taking it to a guitar store to try out a bunch of cases might be a good idea. I've known of a few small used-gear shops that stock a ton of random used cases, which I'm pretty sure is how I ended up finding a hardshell case for the Explorer bass I used to own

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    I feel your pain; I’ve had to search for cases for some of the instruments I’ve built and found that anything out of the norm will require a custom case, which is often cost prohibitive.

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    ive had some luck putting Guild F-112 12-strings- both "mini-jumbo/Westerly" and "OM/Hoboken" shapes, in a regular/standard dreadnought case...and some dread cases are even bigger than standard to allow for 12-string dreads, so i'd try some of those. i'd bet you find one that works, if even u have to add some padding here or there to make it perfect. The F-112's fit pretty good I have to say, and i'm pretty whakko about how any guitar fits in it's case. Ive even seen a vintage F-112 in a vintage Guild dread case, that appeard to possibly be a factory original pairing, who knows but easily could have been.

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    I have tried a number of cases and nothing has been an ideal fit. Some of the small cases are pretty good, specifically from Roadrunner, despite “slop” around the body. I think I will just need to add some extra padding in the lower half of the case to hold it in place. Thanks for the input everyone.

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