Some individual guitars are great, even when other guitars of the same make and model are not typically exemplary.

15 or so years ago, I stumbled across an early '50s SJ200 that had a little water damage, resulting in some loose bracing. My luthier fixed it, but it didn't sound too good. Knowledgable people said, 'that's why they call a J200 the Whispering Giant.'

I put it up for sale in an Austin music store and actually worked a multi-instrument trade out on old Tele I wanted. It took about six weeks to put the deal together.

At the end of six weeks, I drove to Austin to complete the transaction. At the store, I made the mistake of playing the J200 again. All the tite-bond glue had dried, the guitar had woken up and.....well, it sounded amazing!

The moral is, you never know if a guitar is good or not until it's in good shape and you play it for a while.

Congrats on the SJ200!