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Thread: I went and done it... picked up an SJ200. I need an intervention!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClydeTower View Post
    Granted my SJ200 was a floor model so I got it at a discounted price.

    However, my initial comparison was between new Cordoba Guilds and current Gibsons which I would consider comparable price wise. Its not that Gibson has brought down their prices, its that Cordoba is bringing up their prices to the same level as Gibson, which is worrisome for the brand when you see the backlash Gibson has had regarding their princing.

    When you consider MSRP for other comparable US made guitar brands, for example, for their top tier RW dreadnought :

    Taylor 810e (2018): MSRP: $3399
    Martin HD28 (2018): $3799
    Gibson hummingbird (2018): $3849
    Guild D55 burst (2018) : $4870

    Again, its hard to compare them directly because options will vary from one model to another, but for new Cordoba Guilds, the trend is undeniable... With Gibson down on one knee, we may have a new price "king" sooner than we think!
    Like you said Clyde, That is Cordoba. They are definitely trying to follow the business model of making less guitar and charging more money for it. New Hartford on the other hand was a completely different story which is why I included those prices I mentioned earlier.

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    I'm with you there Clyde on the J-200 - hands down the best jumbo I've ever played and the one I wish I had back. Mine was a Bozeman 2003 in Natural. Had to sell her in tough times. Congratulations and enjoy.
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    u did good at $2700, there was a very respectable guitar shop selling the SJ-200 Gibson for around $4200 or so by me last year. that was the street price. congrats and enjoy!

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    saw one at GC in Times Square, New York for the street price of $5249.99, two days ago. so i'd say you are doing pretty good on that!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mavuser View Post
    saw one at GC in Times Square, New York for the street price of $5249.99, two days ago. so i'd say you are doing pretty good on that!
    That's just crazy nuts... Still my favorite guitar right now, but would never pay that much.

    My SJ200 is currently my #1, however, a very recent new acquisition could be a game changer. More on that in a few days...

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    The jumbo you got, Clyde, really is king of the flat-tops - the "banjo killer" indeed. I have played few of them since they always are displayed 50 feet off the ground and I don't like to ask for help. But the few I've held do boom. Gibson acoustics are so beautiful. I've been to Bozeman. It is the opposite of the Taylor factory here in San Diego, which is over-automated. Bozeman is a flurry of human activity and sawdust. But for some reason, Gibby though has really mastered the jumbo (including the semi jumbos, as in the 185) and the small-body blues guitar, their dreads leave me feeling cold. (I should say their square-shouldered dreads: the bird, the dove, the songwriter, whereas the J45 is much more consistently good). Enjoy the jumbo - time to join a fiddle, mandolin, banjo ensemble and hold your own.
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    This is a very beautiful instrument! Congrats!

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