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Thread: Thunder 1 RVT question

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    Thunder 1 RVT question

    Hi guys. I'm picking up a Thunder 1 RVT this weekend and the owner told me he did not have a footswitch. Can someone help me out, because in the pics it looks like the footswitch is in the back of the amp. Can someone verify this for me. Do these footswitches even disconnect?

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    On the one I had, there was a bracket on the inside, on the side panel that held the foot switch. Yes the foot switch did come out on this amp. Mine had the foot switch.
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    Hi Jesse,

    Yes the Guild Thunder 1 RVT comes with a HARD-WIRED footswitch that is stored inside the back of the amp. It is held in place by a pocket made from heavy duty "cardboard" and a spring loaded clip. The picture you posted indeed shows the footswitch in it's storage compartment.

    I suspect the guy you bought it from didn't realize the switch was mounted in the back of the amp.

    The amp in the picture is a '65 or '66 model. It was the first amp I owned back in the '60 and I came to realize just how unique the Thunder1 RVT amps sounds after I got rid of it and moved up to a bigger amp. The Thunder 1 RVT has "speaker driven reverb" which means the output going to the 12 inch speaker is taped, attenuated and goes through a High Pass Filter to reduce the low frequencies. It is then fed back into the input of a 2nd lower power amp in the reverb circuit and then comes out of a 8 inch speaker.

    The resulting effect is a lush reverb with pseudo stereo effect. You will enjoy this amp the most if played when sitting in front and facing the amp. The pseudo stereo effect will become obvious and you can adjust setting of Reverb and Tremolo. This amp can yield a variety of vintage sounds by selecting the Bright, Normal and MIC input. The MIC input will drive the amp to be a bit more distorted. I usually alternate between MIC and BRIGHT. The amp also has a "bright" pull switch on the Volume knob that will definitely brighten up an already bright sounding amp.

    These are great amps. Try different speakers to adjust the tone. I am presently using a JBL K120 in my black Thunder 1 RVT and the stock speaker in the later beige colored model. The JBL is overkill for a Thunder 1 and makes it a heavy amp but I like the combination.

    Have fun!

    All Guild, all the Time.

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    Thanks Mat. Great info on the rvt. Im picking it up this weekend if the snow decides to stop.

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    Didn't. Get the amp this weekend. But I did get this lovely 100 foot pine and another tree on my house. Ugh. Maybe next weekend if I can get the houae water tight by then...

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    Oh jeez! So sorry to hear it Jesse. I hope everyone was okay, and nothing invaluable got damaged.

    Hopefully, the owner will be understanding and hold the amp for you until you get the chaos sorted.
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    Oh Jesse...that is a mess!
    I don't like evergreen trees near my house. The root system is shallow and the act like a wind sale especially if a wet snow covers them. My neighbor planted evergreens along part of our property line and I haven't been very happy about it. I don't mine the little trees that don't grow high but the big ones create a mess and a hazard.
    Good luck getting everything batten down. Hope yesterday's storm didn't make things worse.

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    Thank you Mat for your concern. I got it patched decent and got a tarp down. We got 8"s yesterday but I didnt see any leaks. I know exactly what your saying about the pines. This one has a sister that I hope doesnt fall anytime soon.

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    Well. It doesn't look like I'm buying the amp. The owner disclosed that the amp got wet at some point and I'm not really up to that much of a restore. Oh well BLNT.....

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