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Thread: Thalia picks.

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    Thalia picks.

    I bought an assortment of the wooden picks by Thalia for about $17 on Amazon. I love them- the large 1.4 mm is the one I'd repurchase. 3 ply hardwood- teak, I think. I don't miss the clicking sound you get with a plastic pick. Tell me what you think. They're worth a try.
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    I like a little more flex in my pick. Snark makes pics as well! They're nice! Dunlop .73 mm nylons are my fave right now. But whatever one is handy is what I'll use.....
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    I use Dunlop Ultex .6, large triangles. I would greatly miss my pick scratches with a wooden pick!

    But I have tried picks that don't "click" and I agree it can be a nice sound for the right playing/song.

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    I use Ultex 1.4 picks and don't get the slap/click from them.
    Haven't tried a wood pick yet but they sound interesting.
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    I have used Jim Dunlop .46mm Nylon for 20 years exclusively, but ordered a dozen different light picks to compare. I picked Clayton Frost-Byte .53mm Nylon. I am glad I made the comparisons. Experiment is the ticket.


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    I got a box of the .9s and a 1.4 with a capo from Santa ... Thalia sez they're Santos Rosewood, but 'Wood Database' sez that Pau Ferro is a wood of many names, and is sometimes called Morado: and because the wood is so similar in appearance and working properties to rosewood, it is also sometimes referred to as Bolivian or Santos Rosewood.
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    I got one of these with a Thalia capo that came to me for Christmas. Since I fingerpick my Guilds, I tried the Thalia pick on my mandolin. I like the stiffness but it is a bit scratchy and does not get off the strings quickly. I thought this might be due to the lack of bevel on the edge. So I took a series of increasingly finer grit sandpaper and put a bevel on the picking edge. Still scratchy untill I polished it on a buffing wheel to a nice shine. Much better feel and a nice clean sound.

    BTW, I have trouble operating the Thalia Capo (Arthritis) so I am looking to sell it for $50. PM if interested.
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