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Thread: Case Problem w/ NS Archtop

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    Case Problem w/ NS Archtop

    I recently purchased a 2014 NS A-375B Stratford prototype on Reverb from Acoustic Sales, Cordoba's direct sales to the public. When I opened the case I found the top cracked and the finish shattered right below the pick guard. At first I thought it may have been crushed in shipping but the box shows no sign of damage. Upon further investigation I determined that the volume knob & pot were being severely squeezed down by the top of the case, leaving a significant depression in the lid right where the knob is. Its obvious that the case caused the damage, not the shipping. Has anyone else heard or seen this problem? I have a 2013 NS A-150 Sunburst and I compared the cases and the new case is about an 1" shorter than the other one. Did Guild change cases and not notice this? I'm a bit baffled as to why they would do this. They want me to return it but I want to keep it and get it fixed. I'm wondering if there is a correct case for this guitar? I can post some photos if anyone is interested.

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    sounds like you solved the mystery with your measurements, someone stuffed it in the wrong (Starfire, bluesbird...) case.

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    It sounds like someone grabbed the wrong case during final assembly at the factory.

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    Hi Joe, my sympathies!
    This problem sounds eerily like the one Bobouz describes in post 81 of this thread:
    If Chris' suggestion it may be the wrong case isn't the problem, then it sounds like it's possible there's a clearance problem inside the case in general for those NS archtops.
    Also bear in mind that one reason Guild may not be anxious to spring for a repair is that repairing poly finishes is known to be very problematic.
    It was also brought out several years back that in the case of the imports, replacement was almost always more cost-efficient (for then-owner Fender, and I see no reason for it to be different with Codoba) than repair.
    In fact I can't recall an actual import warranty repair report here at all, off the top of my head.
    Only replacement offers.
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    Well, a little research on the interweb finds that this has been reported before on other forums as well: NS A-150's arriving with cracked tops from the case. And believe it or not, this is the case currently being shipped w/ this and other models. I got an estimate for the repair and have submitted it to Cordoba. We'll see how it goes. They can't just ship me a new one because this one is it. But I'm getting it fixed either way.
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    I am pleasantly surprised the X375 was resurrected. I'm not surprised someone at the factory casually put it in the wrong case and shipped it to the USA.

    Was there an inspection ticket in the case? I had Inspector 11.

    So I've already had my NS experience.

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    Here's a link to a few photos.
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