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Thread: Hey Walrus, Lee Ritenouer is 66 today !

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    Hey Walrus, Lee Ritenouer is 66 today !

    Thanks to my local PBS 24/7 jazz station for tipping me off (KCSM.ORG).
    And when I heard this one I thought of you, reminded me of Bill Frisell:

    And for those who might like something a little "grittier", she (the DJ) played "Why I sing the Blues" (link only 'cause this forum only allows one vid per post):

    Featuring, Guitar – Lee Ritenour
    Featuring, Guitar, Vocals – B.B. King, Jonny Lang, Keb' Mo'*, Vince Gill

    All topped off with an anecdote about how, when he was a teenage session man playing for Mamas and Papas sessions, they started calling him "Mr. Fingers"

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    Thanks! I'm more of a McLaughlin guy, but this is a cool link.

    Unfortunately, I've never been called "Mr. Fingers" myself...

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