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Thread: Noisless Starfire pickup made?

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    Just a little thought that crossed my mind.

    A single coil pickup is likely to pick up surrounding radio noise - like 50/60 Hz coming from amps etc.
    A humbucking coil can be introduced - it provides same amount of that noise in opposite polarity - thus cancelling it.
    Drawback is, that the coil has about identical impedance - thus loading the pickup and worsening the sound.

    A possible solution :

    Make that humbucking coil i.e. four to ten times the impedance of the pickup - thus no more loading and sound degrading.
    Since the "out-of phase-hum" will now be much higher than that from pickup, it has to be lowered.
    For that series resistors of quite high value will be used - thus adding the total impedance of parallel humbucking circuit even higher.
    As end result the hum will be gone and original sound is still there.

    So basically similar system as in some "single-coil humbuckers" - but with separate - larger coil with about 10dB more hum output + 10 dB series pad.

    If I was to do this - I would make the coil round to get more area and therefore more voltage and so more series resistance to drop that - all this resulting in higher parallel impedance with the pickup.

    Idea is free - just remember me introducing it here.

    If this is an old idea - please inform.
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    So, I wish I understood what you are suggesting.

    People ask me how I'll keep myself occupied when I finally retire. Among other things, understanding the whole and complete tube amp topology is one, and as a secret codicil to the Faber College constitution , maybe I can offer informed opinion on pickups as well.

    Until then, thanks for your suggestion!

    But for the moment.... loud hum from the Bud sign? Turn it off or have your band crank up the volume! Old Time Rock!

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